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® signal recorder   

a new generation instrument for automotive diagnostics. Thanks to the developed software, this instrument is a combination of 3 tools – oscilloscope, recorder and signal analyser.  

An 8
-channel oscilloscope equipped with a high performance trigger system for good quality viewing of the signals being measured. No setting up is necessary - just press the Start  button.  During measurement, channels can be arbitrarily switched over the toolґs inputs, and individual channels can be separately adjusted.  

The captured records can be stored in a preselected directory. Data are continuously stored in individual files, and the time for recording is only limited by the capacity of the data storage, which can amount to 250 hours.

Measurement files can be easily edited and prepared for subsequent evaluation.

The extraordinary characteristics of TEXVIK® signal recorder consists in its ability to carry out automatic analyses of records, acquired according to well proven universal diagnostic methods. The analysis is based on the use of the software program modules.    

The figure shows a record of the signal of the speed of an engine crankshaft at moderate and then sharp acceleration. The record duration is 10 – 15 seconds

The other figure shows a diagram resulting from the activity of the program module, which recalculates instantaneous engine speed, converting it into the power output of individual engine cylinders.

Diagram-based analysis enables you to identify a failure either in the ignition system, in the fuel flow control or caused by the engine mechanical conditions. The test provides important information for subsequent diagnostic steps, and takes just 5 – 10 minutes.    

The program can be configured in such manner that no measurement pre-setting is necessary, or any subsequent search for auxiliary modules.  All the system components are interconnected, which is a great advantage, and the program works in automatic mode.  

Naturally, TEXVIK® signal recorder device can also be used as a classic oscilloscope-recorder of signals.    Manual mode with all its options for channel setting and triggering is fully available in more complicated applications, where direct measurements are necessary for good quality diagnostics.

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